House No. 3

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House No.3

Overall performance

Comfort i

25 cm
The analysis of the room temperatures in the uninsulated brick house revealed only a low level of thermal capacity.

The lack of heat insulation was also shown to provide less protection from summer overheating. The lack of heat insulation resulted in very high fluctuations of the inner surface temperature. Due to the low sorption capacity of the interior plaster used, only a low level of moisture buffering was determined for house.

House description

Wall material

25 cm brick

Wall thickness

25 cm

Inner plaster


Inner coating (paint)

Divina Classic



Insulation thickness


Building physical parameters

Protection against Summer overheating i

Heat storage i

Moisture buffering i

Fluctuation of the inner surface temperature i

Physical parameters

Sound proofing i

Room acoustics i

Absorption of high frequency electromagnetic fields i

Smell intensity i

Subjective feelings of houses visitors

Comfort i