House No. 10

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House No.10

Overall performance

Comfort i

20 cm 20 cm
This solid timber construction house was fitted with additional heat insulation.

Due to the solid wood construction, house 10 displayed average thermal capacity with low protection from overheating in the summer. The surface temperature fluctuation was higher than with concrete houses, although lower than the houses with wooden stud construction. The fluctuation of the inner surface temperature was assessed as "average". The humidity for house 10 was affected by the sorption capacity of the construction material used. Due to the good sorption capacity, house 10 displayed good humidity control.

House description

Wall material

Massive wood

Wall thickness

20 cm

Inner plaster


Inner coating (paint)



Pavatex wood fibre

Insulation thickness

20 cm

Building physical parameters

Protection against overheating in the summer i

Heat storage i

Humidity i

Fluctuation of the inner surface temperature i

Physical parameters

Sound proofing i

Room acoustics i

Absorption of high frequency electromagnetic fields i

Noticeable Odour i

Visitors subjective feeling of houses

Comfort i